August 8, 2021

[GROOVING SESSION] Are You More Honest with Google or Your Friends? With Seth Stephens-Davidowitz

This follow-up episode is a free-flowing Grooving Session where Tim and Kurt chat about their discussion with Seth Stephens-Davidowitz (Episode 246). You’re more than welcome to listen to this as a stand alone episode, but we recommend first tuning in to our interview with Seth, and then joining us here for some banter about Seth’s work. 

Questions we discuss: 

  • Are we more likely to be untruthful in certain contexts? 
  • Is lying a useful delusion? 
  • Can we ever justify lies? 
  • How do the connections we make with others affect our relationships and our children? 
  • Does where we are born really influence us the rest of our lives? 
  • What traits should we definitely look for when dating?
  • How is our brain influenced by music?

Tim and Kurt chat about these questions and more in this Grooving Session, which follows on from our interview episode with Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, author of bestselling book Everybody Lies (

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Grooving Session Links

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