July 5, 2021

[GROOVING SESSION] Make Choice Rewarding: Behavioral Insights in Marketing with Matthew Willcox

We’re doing things a little differently this month on Behavioral Grooves. Instead of discussing Matthew Willcox’s interview in our Grooving Session at the end of the episode, we’ve decided to make it a separate episode. We suggest you listen to Matthew’s interview first (episode #235), and then join us on this episode where we discuss practical applications of Matthew Willcox’s fascinating work.

At the start of our series on Marketing and Employee Engagement, Kurt and Tim discuss how we can apply Matthew Willcox’s techniques and research to improve our lives and our organization. 

Does reframing "consumers" to "choosers" change how we think about marketing? What the LENS model can teach us about human behavior. How do cognitive biases influence our decisions?

These are the applications of Behavioral Science that we talk about in our Grooving Session:

  • Marketing is About Choice
  • The LENS Model
  • Cognitive Biases as Design Features

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