August 16, 2020

How Babies’ Faces on Shop Doors Can Reduce Crime: With Tara Austin

Tara Austin is a strategist and was recently the Chief Strategy Officer for Kindred in London. Many of us know her for her public speaking events, like her presentation at Nudgestock in June 2020, and the amazing work she did with Rory Sutherland, Sam Tatam, and Jez Groom at Ogilvy over many years.

We discussed a project she did with Ogilvy Change referred to as the Babies in the Borough. On the heels of the London riots in 2011, Tara wanted to see how a paper she’d read a few years earlier might apply to reduce crime in England. With the help of a master street painter, Ben Eine, the team gathered photos of babies from locals in the neighborhood and had them rendered on the security doors of businesses. After the babies’ faces were added to the shop shutters, the city saw declines in theft, vandalism and public urination year-over-year.

We also talked about Edward de Bono, his development of lateral thinking and the six thinking hats. De Bono’s work can help us improve our decision making, which is likely to lead to greater happiness in our lives, and that’s always a win.

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Ben Eine, street artist:

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Edward DeBono, PhD:

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The “Cute Matters” paper is actually “Baby Schema in Infant Faces Induces Cuteness

Perception and Motivation for Caretaking in Adults”: 

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Lateral Thinking:


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Common Biases & Heuristics:

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