March 30, 2020

Covid-19 Crisis: Wendy Wood, PhD on Habits, Productivity and Being Gentle with Yourself

Wendy Wood, PhD is a social psychologist whose research addresses the ways that habits guide behavior. She researches and teaches at USC both in psychology and in the business school and is a world-renowned expert on breaking old habits and creating new ones. Her book, “Good Habits, Bad Habits” is a New York Times bestseller and delivers a terrifically readable and scholarly approach to habits.

In our conversation with her, she shared what habits are and how habits get formed. We talked about how now could be a time for more pro-social behavior. And she reminded us to be kind to ourselves as we endeavor through a very challenging set of circumstances. You’re not going to be as productive as you might otherwise be because of all these new routines, she warns, but don’t let that stop you! Be intentional and keep pushing through! 

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