March 28, 2020

Covid-19 Crisis: Rodd Wagner on The Zen of Staying Safe

Rodd Wagner is a Forbes columnist and bestselling author of books on leadership, employee engagement and collaboration. Rodd’s books have been published in 10 languages and his articles have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, USA Today, ABC News, as well as Globe and Mail in Canada. One of his books was even parodied in Dilbert.

In our conversation, we discussed how humans perceive risk, regulation (by the self and by the government), and cumulative probabilities. We’ve known Rodd for many years and always find his perspectives fresh and ripe with curiosity. We were glad to talk with him and hope you find it as insightful as we did.

Also, we were struck by a couple of snappy phrases from Rodd that we hope become more common in our lexicon as our language evolves with the crisis: “The virus doesn’t care,” is a phrase Rodd shared that simply caught us off guard with brutal truth; and, “We are usually killed by things we didn’t see coming.” Gnaw on that for a bit as you’re washing your hands. 

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