March 25, 2020

Covid-19 Crisis: Ali Fenwick, PhD on Leveraging the Crisis for Good

Ali Fenwick, PhD is a Professor of Organizational Behavior at Hult International Business School in London and Dubai. He specializes in applying behavioural traits and behavioral interventions for business improvement, government policy design, communication effectiveness and, among other things, psychographic profiling.

According to Ali, “Bulk buying is caused by various psychological and environmental cues which throw rational-thinking out of the window. When in survival mode, we let mainly our emotions drive decisions and are more susceptible to social influences. So, we will rush out and buy more because we believe others are doing the same.”

We discussed herd behavior, how the crisis can be framed as “ours” rather than “yours” and, more importantly, the devasting effects isolation can have on the human condition. Ali outlines some terrific tips and we hope you’ll find him as engaging as we did.

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