March 22, 2020

Covid-19 Crisis: Barry Ritholtz on Keeping Perspective

Barry Ritholtz is the CIO of Ritholtz Wealth Management and the host of the Bloomberg podcast Masters in Business, where he talks almost as much about markets, investing and business as he does about the behavioral science behind WHY we do what we do. Our first conversation appears in the ever-popular Episode 47.

This week, we discussed the financial implications of the financial crisis resulting from the pandemic. It’s not, as Barry notes quite clearly, a one hundred year flood. The market is reacting the way it normally does. While the shifts are dramatic, they were unforeseen and will – over time – return to more stable growth.

We also talked about the impact the crisis will have on supply chains, the availability of durable and consumer goods, the way bailouts should be structured, and how important it is to not lie to ourselves in times like these. All of this discussion of finance, as you may imagine, is through a behavioral lens. 

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