April Seifert, PhD considers herself a multi-passionate person. In this episode, our conversation with her covered skydiving, motherhood, data nerdery, implicit bias assessments, gender stereotyping and, of course, digital exhaust analysis. April's dissertation was on gender stereotyping which is what we spent most of our time on, between references to the Millennial Falcon. April offered two key ways we deal with the out-of-context or contradictory stereotype images: 1. We adjust our stereotype to include this new image (which is rare because it's hard) or 2. We claim the image is an exception to the rule. By gum, we humans are fascinating beings! We also talked about some of April's favorite books including Carol Dweck's seminal work MindsetMartin Seligman's work on positive psychology and Tara Mohr's exciting book, Playing Big. We discussed music and it's important contribution to priming and got into power-woman bands including No Doubt, headed up by Gwen Stefani, and a Scottish synth-pop band named Churches.

We hope you enjoy our conversation with April Seifert - that's "SI-fert" - on all the topics we covered. And please note, this discussion contains language you might not want your kids to hear. 

In this episode on the mysterious world of self-identity and self-schema, we offer 4 tips on how you make the most of your self-identity. 1. Fake it 'till you make it.  2. Insure your self talk is positive and future focused.  3. Create small wins and acknowledge your progress.  4. Get a partner to help keep you on track. 

Grooving Sessions are for Kurt and Tim converse about topics that are near and dear to their hearts. Grooving sessions make for short listening and we focus on practical take-aways.


Kurt and Tim have experience in designing and implementing rewards programs for sales reps, channel partners and loyal customers as well as corporate recognition programs. In this episode, we discuss the not-so-intuitive value of non-cash rewards for a variety of reasons. We serve up research from Dan Ariely, James Heyman, Scott Jeffrey, Ran Kivetz and Richard Thaler. If you have doubts, listen in! If you are a believer but need more cognitive ammunition for your boss, listen in! And if you have stories you'd like to share, drop us a line at www.behavioralgrooves.com

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